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The sleeping woman

I'm looking at you,
You are sleeping quiet,
Your crystal breast
Is making me dieing.
I hear it is moving
Nicely and gently,
And your heart is beating
With its honest ethics.
Your tender cheeks
Are red as a fire,
And lips made from ruby
Are covered by smile.
Your sleep is magnific
As vision of Heavens,
And shadows of Angels
Are covering its innocence.
Your breathing is pure
Like you and your soul too,
He is the happiest
Whom you belong to!

Ilia Chavchavadze (1837 - 1907)

You are about to behold the women of the Caucasus as they were seen by the photographers of the 19th and 20th centuries. On display is the work both of the recognized Russian maestros of photography - F.Orden, D. Yermakov, N. Nikitin and of the ethnographers who took the pictures for the purposes of scientific research. Here, the ethnic variety of the Caucasus is mirrored by pictures of the Abazin, Abkhaz, Avartsy, Aguly, Azerbaijani, Armenians, Balkartsy, Bezhtin, Greeks, Georgians, Dargin, Didoitsy, Jews, Ingush, Nogai, Laktsy, Ossetians, Rutultsy, Udin, Chechens.

The photographs from the Museum's Caucasus collection were displayed at the Women of the Caucasus in Pictures, Paintings, Graphics, Sculptures exhibition prepared by the regional public fund The World of the Caucasus.

The world of women of Caucasus is devoted a book Woman's Space in the Culture of the Caucasian Peoples by Yuri Karpov published in 2001.

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